Swift agreements that turn an empty shop, restaurant or office into a steady income generator are what landlords love about Blanchflower Lloyd Baxter.

Whether our clients are seeking to let a prime unit in Westfield, a new retail development or a parade of restaurants on a leafy High Street, we can pair them with attractive tenants.

Landlords value our skill in identifying retailers or restaurateurs who may offer the highest rent – or others who may actually be a better long-term prospect with excellent financial standing and just the right image for their premises.

We have the experience and contacts to target the right type of retailer for each location: the upmarket brand that will enhance the ground floor of a luxury apartment complex or the funky independent that gives a cobbled street its style appeal.

Crucially for your bottom line, we may be able to negotiate higher settlements so you receive more rent on the basis of our technical expertise in the valuation process.